The All-New

Celebrate diversity

Celebrate diversity

Every family is different. To build the perfect family car, you have to understand every single family like we do. The All-New Santa Fe was built to fit all varieties of the modern family – no matter how it looks like.
Celebrate togetherness

Celebrate togetherness

We know that nothing is more important than spending quality time with family and friends. That is why the All-New Santa Fe gives you the comfort and freedom to enjoy those precious moments with your loved ones. Anytime, anywhere.


There is a different car for each kind of family.
And all of them have one name: the All-New Santa Fe.


Seen from the front, the eye-catching Composite Light and Hyundai’s signature Cascading Grille make an athletically elegant impression.


Available with a choice of three dynamic engines: 2 diesels and a petrol version. Modified to meet the new Euro 6C emission standards – they offer improved fuel efficiency through enhanced combustion and minimised drivetrain friction losses.


More comfort. Less Stress. Inside, Santa-Fe delivers even more exceptional roominess and refined ergonomics. Which makes every journey that much more relaxing – for everyone on board.


The All-New Santa Fe has been designed with wide range of innovative technology systems that help take the stress out of everyday driving. There for you when you need it, this Calm Tech helps create a comfort zone for you and your passengers. From improving road handling and watching out for other cars, to making sure your passengers only exit the car when its safe, Calm Tech systems work in the background to reduce stress – so you can spend more time in your comfort zone.
  • Featuring class-leading luminance for easy visibility, our new 8.5” head-up display helps you stay safe by projecting important information like speed, navigation commands, and warnings directly on the windshield.
    Head-up display
  • Keep your kids safe – this clever feature prevents accidents by detecting vehicles approaching from behind and temporarily locking the rear child lock doors, so that passengers can only exit the car when it is safe to do so.
    Safety exit assist
  • The system uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor the rear seats for more safety and peace of mind. When the driver is exiting the vehicle, an in-dash message pops up. If the system still detects movement after the driver has left the vehicle, then it will honk the horn and flash the lights.
    Rear occupant alert

HTRAC™ All-wheel drive system

Bad weather? Hairpin curves? No problem. The All-New Santa Fe is available with the innovative HTRAC™ All-Wheel Drive system for optimum handling and cornering performance – which makes driving slippery city streets and bumpy country roads safer and much more relaxed.
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